Newspapers in Alabama, US

Alabama Newspapers
Alabama Newspapers

Newspapers have long been a vital source of information, offering insights into local, national, and global events. In the digital age, while online news sources have grown exponentially, traditional newspapers continue to play a crucial role in informing the public, fostering community engagement, and maintaining journalistic integrity. Alabama, like every state in the U.S., boasts a diverse array of newspapers that cater to various interests and communities. From daily newspapers covering statewide news to local publications focusing on community events, Alabama’s newspapers are integral to the fabric of its society.

This post aims to provide a comprehensive list of newspapers in Alabama, highlighting their unique contributions and the vital role they play in keeping the public informed. Whether you’re a resident seeking updates on local happenings or a researcher looking to understand regional news landscapes, this guide will serve as a valuable resource.

Alabama’s newspapers cover a broad spectrum of topics, including politics, sports, business, entertainment, and community events. Major cities like Birmingham, Montgomery, and Huntsville have prominent publications that reach wide audiences, while smaller towns and communities are served by dedicated local newspapers. Each of these publications has its own character and focus, reflecting the diversity and richness of Alabama’s communities.

In this guide, you will find a detailed list of notable newspapers in Alabama, complete with brief descriptions and URLs. From the Anniston Star in East Alabama to the Decatur Daily in the Tennessee Valley region, each entry provides a snapshot of what these newspapers offer and how they serve their communities. Whether you’re interested in the latest headlines, in-depth investigative journalism, or local sports coverage, Alabama’s newspapers are ready to deliver.

Join us as we explore the robust landscape of Alabama’s print and digital news, celebrating the important work of journalists who keep us informed, connected, and engaged with the world around us.

  • The Anniston Star
    • Description: Covering local news, sports, entertainment, and opinion in East Alabama.
    • URL:
  • The Birmingham News
    • Description: Part of, providing news, sports, and weather updates for Birmingham and surrounding areas.
    • URL:
  • The Cullman Times
    • Description: Daily newspaper covering community news and events in Cullman County.
    • URL:
  • The Gadsden Times
    • Description: Provides news, obituaries, and local updates for Gadsden, Alabama.
    • URL:
  • The Montgomery Advertiser
  • The Huntsville Times
    • Description: Another part of, focusing on news, sports, and weather for Huntsville.
    • URL:
  • The Mobile Press-Register
    • Description: Local news, sports, and updates for the Mobile area, also part of
    • URL:
  • The Tuscaloosa News
    • Description: Covers news, sports, entertainment, and obituaries in Tuscaloosa.
    • URL:
  • The Decatur Daily
    • Description: Independent voice for news and updates in the Tennessee Valley region.
    • URL:
  • The Dothan Eagle
    • Description: Provides local news, sports, and updates for Dothan and surrounding areas.
    • URL:
  • TimesDaily
    • Description: Covers news, sports, and events in Florence and the northwest Alabama region.
    • URL:
  • The Alexander City Outlook
    • Description: Serving Alexander City and Lake Martin area with local news and updates.
    • URL:
  • The Opelika-Auburn News
    • Description: News coverage for the Opelika and Auburn communities.
    • URL:
  • The Fort Payne Times-Journal
  • The Selma Times-Journal


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