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Newspapers in Arkansas, US

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TV News Radios

Exploring the rich landscape of newspapers across the United States offers a glimpse into the diverse fabric of American journalism. From small-town weeklies to major metropolitan dailies, each newspaper reflects the unique characteristics and interests of its community. This blog series aims to catalog and provide brief descriptions of newspapers from each state, starting with Alabama and moving across the nation. In this post, we dive into the newspapers of Arkansas, highlighting their contributions to local and state-wide news dissemination. Whether you’re interested in politics, business, sports, or community events, Arkansas newspapers provide a window into the state’s dynamic life.

Newspapers in Arkansas

  1. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
    • Description: The largest newspaper in Arkansas, providing comprehensive news coverage, including politics, business, sports, and entertainment.
    • URL: arkansasonline.com
  2. Batesville Daily Guard
    • Description: A family-owned daily newspaper serving Batesville and surrounding areas with local news and community updates.
    • URL: guardonline.com
  3. Saline Courier
    • Description: Offers daily news and information about Saline County, including Benton and surrounding regions.
    • URL: bentoncourier.com
  4. Log Cabin Democrat
    • Description: A daily newspaper serving Conway, Faulkner County, and surrounding areas with local news, sports, and events.
    • URL: thecabin.net
  5. Times Record
    • Description: Provides news coverage for Western Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, and Fort Smith, focusing on local events and issues.
    • URL: swtimes.com
  6. Camden News
    • Description: A leading source for news in Camden, Arkansas, covering local news, events, and community stories.
    • URL: camdenarknews.com
  7. Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
    • Description: Serves the Northwest Arkansas region with comprehensive news coverage, including Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville.
    • URL: nwaonline.com
  8. El Dorado News-Times
    • Description: The primary news source for El Dorado, offering local news, sports, and community updates.
    • URL: eldoradonews.com
  9. Times-Herald
    • Description: Covers news in Forrest City and St. Francis County, focusing on local events and community news.
    • URL: thnews.com
  10. Hope Star
    • Description: A local newspaper serving Hope and surrounding areas with community news, sports, and local events.
    • URL: hopestar.com
  11. Daily Times
    • Description: Provides news coverage for Harrison and Boone County, including local events and community news.
    • URL: harrisondaily.com
  12. Sentinel-Record
    • Description: Hot Springs’ source for news, including local events, sports, and Oaklawn racing information.
    • URL: hotsr.com
  13. Daily Record
    • Description: A daily newspaper serving Malvern and Hot Spring County with local news and events.
    • URL: malvern-online.com
  14. Paragould Daily Press
    • Description: Provides news coverage for Paragould and surrounding areas, focusing on community events and local news.
    • URL: paragoulddailypress.com
  15. The Searcy Daily Citizen
    • Description: Serving White County since 1854, offering comprehensive local news coverage.
    • URL: thedailycitizen.com
  16. Pine Bluff Commercial
    • Description: Covers news for Pine Bluff and Jefferson County, focusing on local events and community issues.
    • URL: pbcommercial.com
  17. Stuttgart Daily Leader
    • Description: Provides local news coverage for Stuttgart and surrounding areas, including agriculture and community events.
    • URL: stuttgartdailyleader.com
  18. West Memphis Evening Times
    • Description: Covers news in Crittenden County, focusing on local events and community news.
    • URL: theeveningtimes.com
  19. Texarkana Gazette
    • Description: Provides news for Texarkana and surrounding regions, focusing on local events and community news.
    • URL: texarkanagazette.com

Newspapers in Arizona, US

TV News Radios
TV News Radios

Arizona, known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities, is also home to a diverse array of newspapers that cater to its multifaceted population. From bustling metropolitan areas like Phoenix and Tucson to smaller communities such as Yuma and Flagstaff, each region has its own unique media outlets providing news, sports, entertainment, and community updates. These newspapers play a crucial role in keeping residents informed about local, national, and global events, and many have a rich history of serving their communities.

The newspapers in Arizona range from daily publications with wide circulations to smaller weekly or bi-weekly community papers. Major publications like The Arizona Republic and the Arizona Daily Star are well-known for their comprehensive coverage and influence. At the same time, numerous local and community papers serve specific areas, ensuring that even the smallest towns stay connected and informed. In this post, we will explore a selection of newspapers from across Arizona, highlighting their contributions to journalism and the communities they serve.

List of Newspapers in Arizona

  1. The Arizona Republic
    • Description: The largest newspaper in Arizona, The Arizona Republic covers a wide range of topics including local news, sports, and politics.
    • URL: azcentral.com
  2. Arizona Daily Star
    • Description: Based in Tucson, this daily newspaper focuses on local news, events, and issues relevant to Southern Arizona.
    • URL: tucson.com
  3. East Valley Tribune
    • Description: Serving the East Valley region, this newspaper provides news coverage for Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and surrounding areas.
    • URL: eastvalleytribune.com
  4. Yuma Sun
    • Description: A leading source of local news for the Yuma area, covering various community and regional topics.
    • URL: yumasun.com
  5. Arizona Daily Sun
    • Description: A daily newspaper based in Flagstaff, offering news, sports, and community updates for Northern Arizona.
    • URL: azdailysun.com
  6. The Daily Courier
    • Description: Covering the Quad Cities area around Prescott, this newspaper offers local news, events, and community stories.
    • URL: dcourier.com
  7. Today’s News-Herald
    • Description: The primary newspaper for Lake Havasu City, providing daily news and community information.
    • URL: havasunews.com
  8. Daily Independent
    • Description: A newspaper catering to retirees and seniors, offering news and features designed for the older population.
    • URL: yourvalley.net
  9. Mohave Valley Daily News
    • Description: Serving the Mohave Valley area, this newspaper covers local news, events, and issues.
    • URL: mohavedailynews.com
  10. Casa Grande Dispatch
    • Description: The main source of news for Casa Grande and Pinal County, providing daily updates on local happenings.
    • URL: pinalcentral.com

Newspapers in Alaska, US

TV News Radios
TV News Radios

Alaska, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural history, is also home to a diverse array of newspapers that serve its communities. These newspapers play a crucial role in keeping the residents informed about local, state, and national events. From daily publications in bustling cities to weekly papers in remote towns, each newspaper provides unique insights and coverage relevant to its readership. Whether you’re interested in politics, business, sports, or community events, Alaska’s newspapers offer a wealth of information to cater to all interests. This article provides a comprehensive list of newspapers in Alaska, highlighting their areas of focus, history, and where to access them online.

Newspapers in Alaska

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Website: newsminer.com
The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner is one of Alaska’s oldest and most reputable newspapers. Established in 1903, it provides extensive coverage of local and regional news, including politics, sports, business, and lifestyle topics. The newspaper has a strong online presence, offering a variety of multimedia content.

Juneau Empire

Website: juneauempire.com
Based in Alaska’s capital, the Juneau Empire has been serving its community since 1912. It covers a wide range of topics, including local news, sports, entertainment, and business. The newspaper also features special sections on fishing, hunting, and the outdoors, reflecting the interests of Alaskan residents.

Ketchikan Daily News

Website: ketchikandailynews.com
The Ketchikan Daily News, established in 1935, focuses on news and events in Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska. It covers local news, sports, community events, and business, providing comprehensive information to its readers.

Kodiak Daily Mirror

Website: kodiakdailymirror.com
Serving the Kodiak Island community since 1940, the Kodiak Daily Mirror covers local events, schools, business, and sports. It is a daily newspaper printed Monday through Friday and distributed throughout the state.

Daily Sitka Sentinel

Website: sitkasentinel.com
An independent newspaper published on weekdays, the Daily Sitka Sentinel covers local news, sports, community events, and more. It has been a staple in Sitka since 1940, providing reliable news coverage to its readers.

Alaska Dispatch News

Website: adn.com
The Alaska Dispatch News offers comprehensive news coverage, including breaking news, features, and commentary on local and state issues. It is one of the most widely read newspapers in Alaska.

Capital City Weekly

Website: juneauempire.com/tag/ccw
This community paper is widely distributed in Southeast Alaska, providing news, features, and community updates.

Kenai Peninsula Clarion

Website: peninsulaclarion.com
Serving the central Kenai Peninsula, the Peninsula Clarion covers a wide range of news topics, including local events, business, and sports.

Nome Nugget

Website: nomenugget.net
As Alaska’s oldest newspaper, established during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898, the Nome Nugget covers local and regional news, sports, education, and more.


Website: frontiersman.com
The Frontiersman is a key news source for the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, offering local news coverage three times a week.

Homer News

Website: homernews.com
Since 1964, the Homer News has been providing local news, community updates, and features relevant to the Homer area.


Website: sitnews.us
An online news platform, SitNews covers a wide range of topics pertinent to Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska.

Northern Light

Website: thenorthernlight.org
The student newspaper of the University of Alaska-Anchorage, covering campus news and events.

Sun Star

Website: uafsunstar.com
The University of Alaska Fairbanks’ student newspaper, providing news and information for the university community.

Anchorage Press

Website: anchoragepress.com
An alternative weekly newspaper based in Anchorage, offering diverse perspectives on local and state issues.

Newspapers in Alabama, US

Alabama Newspapers
Alabama Newspapers

Newspapers have long been a vital source of information, offering insights into local, national, and global events. In the digital age, while online news sources have grown exponentially, traditional newspapers continue to play a crucial role in informing the public, fostering community engagement, and maintaining journalistic integrity. Alabama, like every state in the U.S., boasts a diverse array of newspapers that cater to various interests and communities. From daily newspapers covering statewide news to local publications focusing on community events, Alabama’s newspapers are integral to the fabric of its society.

This post aims to provide a comprehensive list of newspapers in Alabama, highlighting their unique contributions and the vital role they play in keeping the public informed. Whether you’re a resident seeking updates on local happenings or a researcher looking to understand regional news landscapes, this guide will serve as a valuable resource.

Alabama’s newspapers cover a broad spectrum of topics, including politics, sports, business, entertainment, and community events. Major cities like Birmingham, Montgomery, and Huntsville have prominent publications that reach wide audiences, while smaller towns and communities are served by dedicated local newspapers. Each of these publications has its own character and focus, reflecting the diversity and richness of Alabama’s communities.

In this guide, you will find a detailed list of notable newspapers in Alabama, complete with brief descriptions and URLs. From the Anniston Star in East Alabama to the Decatur Daily in the Tennessee Valley region, each entry provides a snapshot of what these newspapers offer and how they serve their communities. Whether you’re interested in the latest headlines, in-depth investigative journalism, or local sports coverage, Alabama’s newspapers are ready to deliver.

Join us as we explore the robust landscape of Alabama’s print and digital news, celebrating the important work of journalists who keep us informed, connected, and engaged with the world around us.

  • The Anniston Star
    • Description: Covering local news, sports, entertainment, and opinion in East Alabama.
    • URL: annistonstar.com
  • The Birmingham News
    • Description: Part of AL.com, providing news, sports, and weather updates for Birmingham and surrounding areas.
    • URL: al.com/birmingham
  • The Cullman Times
    • Description: Daily newspaper covering community news and events in Cullman County.
    • URL: cullmantimes.com
  • The Gadsden Times
    • Description: Provides news, obituaries, and local updates for Gadsden, Alabama.
    • URL: gadsdentimes.com
  • The Montgomery Advertiser
  • The Huntsville Times
    • Description: Another part of AL.com, focusing on news, sports, and weather for Huntsville.
    • URL: al.com/huntsville
  • The Mobile Press-Register
    • Description: Local news, sports, and updates for the Mobile area, also part of AL.com.
    • URL: al.com/mobile
  • The Tuscaloosa News
    • Description: Covers news, sports, entertainment, and obituaries in Tuscaloosa.
    • URL: tuscaloosanews.com
  • The Decatur Daily
    • Description: Independent voice for news and updates in the Tennessee Valley region.
    • URL: decaturdaily.com
  • The Dothan Eagle
    • Description: Provides local news, sports, and updates for Dothan and surrounding areas.
    • URL: dothaneagle.com
  • TimesDaily
    • Description: Covers news, sports, and events in Florence and the northwest Alabama region.
    • URL: timesdaily.com
  • The Alexander City Outlook
    • Description: Serving Alexander City and Lake Martin area with local news and updates.
    • URL: alexcityoutlook.com
  • The Opelika-Auburn News
    • Description: News coverage for the Opelika and Auburn communities.
    • URL: oanow.com
  • The Fort Payne Times-Journal
  • The Selma Times-Journal